DWB PHOTO David W. Beede
P.O. Box 555
Port Matilda, Pennsylvania 16870
(814) 692-7389

Professional Activities

Over 38 years of participation in information technology have provided Mr. Beede the opportunity to gain significant experience in management and marketing, to develop strong technical skills, to solve information processing problems in multiple industries such as higher education and health care, and to recognize and resolve the needs of individual end-users as well as the requirements of the enterprise. This expertise was primarily acquired during a 21-year career with IBM in positions ranging from marketing to technical to management. In addition, Mr. Beede has more than 27 years working with higher education including 7 years of computer center management experience at Youngstown State University.

Marketing experience includes performing IBM customer account responsibilities; developing multimedia marketing presentations; planning information technology marketing strategies; and establishing and maintaining contacts in the process, manufacturing, higher education, and health-care industries.

Technical development and support experience includes evaluation, installation and maintenance of mainframe, minicomputer and personal systems hardware and software; multimedia application development; collaboration on expert systems and imaging applications with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; and specialization in IBM multimedia solutions for higher education.

Management experience includes serving as Director of the Youngstown State University Computer Center, coordinating the design and development of multimedia projects, leading strategic planning sessions, supervising a state-of-the-art multimedia training facility at Penn State University, and managing an IBM advanced technology joint development project with the U.S.Navy.

Training experience includes creating multimedia computer training modules for CD-ROM and the Internet, developing and teaching seminars, and providing one-on-one instruction to a variety of clients ranging from novice end-users through experienced information technology professionals. This instruction involved a wide array of hardware and software topics including multimedia creation and presentation as well as computer-based training authoring tools. In addition, he has been as an instructor in MIS at Penn State University's Smeal College of Business covering subjects such as Analysis and Design of Information Systems involving CASE tools and Database Design using Oracle products.

Consulting experience includes serving as an advocate for higher education within IBM, providing management and information systems advice to the health-care industry, and performing desktop and Internet conference program management at SHARE, Inc.